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Our Diamond Grading Report and Appraisal Services offer a comprehensive and trusted solution for diamond quality assurance. With experienced gemologists and the latest technology, DEL provides detailed reports on both natural and lab-grown diamonds, covering all aspects of the 4Cs—cut, color, clarity, and carat weight, along with additional features like fluorescence and inclusions. Key services include advanced security features for report verification, online access to reports for transparency, specialized services like laser inscription and diamond sealing, and the Hearts & Arrows assessment. DEL prides itself on precision, confidentiality, and global recognition, ensuring that each diamond's value is accurately assessed and internationally acknowledged.

Jewelry report certification that thoroughly and objectively analyzes finished jewelry items using state-of-the-art technology. The report includes a photograph of the item, comments on the setting and condition of the gemstones, a thorough description of the gemstones, and notes on any treatments present. DEL positions itself as an impartial entity among manufacturers, sellers, and buyers, ensuring the objectivity and independence of its gemological evaluations. The reports are detailed and secure, employing advanced security measures such as holograms, QR codes, UV & micro text, and security paper. The certificate serves as a vital document for accurately describing and assessing the item's value, making it indispensable for both legal entities and individuals.

The DEL Lab-Grown Jewelry Report provides a comprehensive and unbiased assessment of lab-grown gemstone jewelry, featuring detailed analysis including photos, expert commentary on gem settings, and extensive details on gemstone origin, quantity, weight, and quality indicators. It ensures the authenticity and quality of jewelry pieces by using advanced technology and expertise from seasoned gemologists. DEL maintains neutrality to ensure trust and reliability in its certifications, enhancing the value of each jewelry piece with detailed reports and advanced security measures. This certification is essential for accurately valuing jewelry, benefiting both the industry and individual owners, and emphasizes DEL's commitment to precision and integrity in gemological evaluation.

DEL's Lab-Grown Diamond Report provides analysis and certification of lab-created diamonds, verifying their origin, quality, and authenticity. These diamonds are created through HPHT or CVD processes, sharing the same properties as natural diamonds. Reports include details about the diamond's characteristics, origin, and laser inscriptions. DEL offers reports for loose stones and jewelry, ensuring transparency and knowledge for ethical and environmentally responsible choices. Partnering with DEL means supporting a trusted name committed to quality, transparency, and ethical practices.

The DEL Gemstone Report offers comprehensive analysis and certification services for both organizations and individuals, ensuring each gemstone meets strict laboratory criteria. This includes verification of the gemstone's origin, type, and physical and optical characteristics, supplemented by detailed analysis regarding any enhancements or treatments. DEL's approach is grounded in impartiality to maintain unbiased evaluations across all parties involved, enhancing trust and reliability in their certification process.

Laser inscriptions on diamonds (tiny codes on the girdle) help identify your stone and aid in grading. DEL uses latest tech for permanent inscriptions, offering confidence to consumers & retailers. It's cost-effective, fast, and helps track diamond inventory. As tech advances, diamond marking adapts, remaining a key part of identification and certification in the ever-changing jewelry industry.