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Laser Inscriptions

Laser inscriptions on diamonds (tiny codes on the girdle) help identify your stone and aid in grading. DEL uses latest tech for permanent inscriptions, offering confidence to consumers & retailers. It's cost-effective, fast, and helps track diamond inventory. As tech advances, diamond marking adapts, remaining a key part of identification and certification in the ever-changing jewelry industry.

Laser inscribing on diamonds involves etching a series of tiny, coded letters and numbers onto the diamond's girdle—the thin perimeter dividing the top crown from the bottom pavilion. This technique not only aids in identifying your unique diamond but also plays a significant role in the certification process by grading labs.

The evolution of laser technology has significantly impacted the jewelry industry, leading to the development of methods for laser marking on diamonds. Initially, solid-state lasers like the YAG laser, which finds applications in various fields including medicine and the military, were used. Over time, advancements introduced more sophisticated lasers such as excimer lasers, known for their precision but higher costs.

Despite the differences in technology, the goal remains the same: to provide a reliable means of marking diamonds. DEL employs the latest in laser inscription technology across its global branches, offering consumers and retailers an added layer of confidence. This process allows for the permanent registration of each inscription in DEL's database, typically including report numbers and occasionally personal messages or logos for branded diamonds like Leo Diamond or Tolkowsky Diamond.

Laser inscription has become a cost-effective and swift process, facilitating both internal and external tracking of diamond inventory by companies. DEL collaborates with numerous companies, offering competitive rates and quick turnaround times to ensure efficient circulation of stones.

As technology progresses, so too does the method of diamond marking, continually adapting to new advancements like ion beam deposition. This ongoing evolution reflects the dynamic nature of the global fine jewelry industry, underscoring the importance of laser marking as a staple in diamond identification and certification that is set to evolve with future technological innovations.